Gordon Withers covers Black Ink Birds

We are very honored that the very talented Gordon Withers has covered one of our songs.  Black Ink Birds is a cut from the first Josh Flagg EP and one of the band’s favorites.  Gordon created an incredible string version that none of us can stop listening to.  Hope you guys like it!

Fieldhouse Music names Josh Flagg their Artist of the Month!

Thanks Fieldhouse!   Please click on through to the Fieldhouse site for an exclusive listen to a demo for “Poison the Well” - a new song we’ve been working on for the next record.  The Obligations and I will see you this Monday for the kickoff of our monthlong residency at Arlene’s Grocery!

'Devastate Me' comes 'highly recommended' from powerpopaholic.com! Thanks guys!

The kind and gracious folks at powerpopaholic.com have reviewed Devastate Me and it’s good news + a killer Animal House link!  Check it out!

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Episode 20: Devastate Me (Live)

Hey, a new podcast! Just a quick one via Skype, mostly a commercial for Josh’s Kickstarter project, followed by the full audio of “Devastate Me” performed live at Arlene’s Grocery last month. Plus, Satan’s secret pledge amount. Oy.

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JOSH’S KICKSTARTER PROJECT (Pledge now and get yourself somethin’ nice, why don’t ya?)

Live video of Josh Flagg & the Obligations performing ‘Devastate Me’ in New York City in December 2011.  Thanks Zac Whinnem for the camera work, Erin McKnight for the editing and Marty Fowler for the audio mix!

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Episode 18: Lullaby

Episode 18 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. On this week’s sleepy episode, we give you “Lullaby”. Plus, drinkin’ grannies, fast-talkin’ career gals, The Frugal Musician, sizzle cymbals, culling songs, drummer bummers and more matters to ensure your eternal slumber. Good night…

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Being the latest installment in our Living Room Sessions, we in the Josh Flagg organization proudly present this acoustic version of Better Off Alone, the electric version of which can of course be found on our new full-length record Devastate Me. Like what you hear? Well you can download this acoustic song (and all past & future Living Room Sessions) totally FREE over at our Facebook page. We heartily encourage you to do so.

We also suggest you come see us perform this and other songs in just a few days - March 31 at Bowery Electric in NY, and April 1 at the Grape Room in Philadelphia. For real, you should!