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Episode 20: Devastate Me (Live)

Hey, a new podcast! Just a quick one via Skype, mostly a commercial for Josh’s Kickstarter project, followed by the full audio of “Devastate Me” performed live at Arlene’s Grocery last month. Plus, Satan’s secret pledge amount. Oy.

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JOSH’S KICKSTARTER PROJECT (Pledge now and get yourself somethin’ nice, why don’t ya?)

Hey, want to get some music and other good stuff (like posters or guitars or even custom cover songs)? Want to help Josh & his band hit the road and get their music out there in the process? Well, we hope a few of you might answer yes to those questions…

So we kindly invite you to take a look at our Kickstarter project, now in progress, and think about hitting that BACK THIS PROJECT button to get yourself some great stuff. We thank you tremendously just for taking a look, we thank you even more if you decide to throw your support our way, and we thank you most of all if you pass the word along to any and all music-loving friends. Thanks!