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Episode 20: Devastate Me (Live)

Hey, a new podcast! Just a quick one via Skype, mostly a commercial for Josh’s Kickstarter project, followed by the full audio of “Devastate Me” performed live at Arlene’s Grocery last month. Plus, Satan’s secret pledge amount. Oy.

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JOSH’S KICKSTARTER PROJECT (Pledge now and get yourself somethin’ nice, why don’t ya?)

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Episode 19: Father Christmas & Fairytale of New York

Episode 19 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. This week, Santa Flagg brings you not one but two Christmas cover songs. First, our Living Room Session of “Father Christmas” by The Kinks, followed by The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York”, recorded live at Arlene’s Grocery in the city that gives the song its title. Ho ho ho, my friends, and say hi to Hanukkah Harry if you see him…

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Episode 17: Bring Me Back To Life

Episode 17 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. This week, the full-band electric version of “Bring Me Back To Life”. Plus, Dracula’s movie reviews, Fungi Perfecti, the white man’s overbite, Josh vs. Phil Collins, old guy punk rock, more early influences, and a discussion of sincerity, irony and availability in the modern age. Pretentious (yet nutritious)? You decide…

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Episode 16: I Am Not Me

Episode 16 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. This week: “I Am Not Me”, a tender acoustic number. Ooh la la. Plus, more pretentious art talk, matters scatological, bum steer, Holiday Hangovers, grunge nostalgia, early influences and jingle revelations. Way better than world hunger?

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Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

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Episode 15: Without a Trace

Episode 15 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. This week: “Without A Trace”, another juvenile journey into the old Automatic catalog. Also, fun with time signatures, “broad dynamics”, and lofty artsy talk. This one sets a new record for cross-talk, so hold onto your ears…

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-Brief note / semi-apology: This one’s a bit late, as your friendly neighborhood podcast editor is discovering that it is in fact true that having a newborn child in your home will suck you into a vortex of time wherein there are not many available hours for such frivolities as sleeping or behaving like a normal human being, let alone such activities as podcast editing. Diapers and feedings rule all. However, there are more episodes “in the can”, as they say (eww), so rest easy, you shall receive more of this nonsense soon enough, however sporadically, you wonderful dozen people who listen to this, you…

Until next time, test your navel depth with the Kids in the Hall:

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Episode 14: Better Off Alone

Episode 14 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. This week, the full-band electric version of “Better Off Alone”. Also, The Maestro’s love of wordplay (eww), the Brill Building, Marty’s bass attack, how to “O’Heir Me”, and people exploding on LOST. The password is… pancake

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And for your viewing enjoyment (spoiler alert, as they say):

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Episode 13 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. This week, we welcome producer / engineer / Olde York frontman Ted Wohlsen to discuss a song from Josh’s old band Automatic, “A Thousand Thousand Cells”. Plus, not-so-secret origin stories, the Maestro on his days as the Mayor of Williamsburg, Na Na Na’s, the big “C”, and ripping off Elliott Smith.

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Episode 12: Crooked Fingers

Episode 12 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. This week: “Crooked Fingers”, a brand new acoustic song, the latest in our series of so-called Living Room Sessions. Enjoy!

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Episode 11: Far Away From Here

Episode 11 of the Josh Flagg Music Podcast. This week, a walk down memory lane with “Far Away From Here”, by Josh’s old band Automatic. Plus: Cop Rock, time travel, romantic comedy, big fat crybabies, Arsenio and Vanilla Ice…

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